Privacy Policy

Express DTF Supply LLC Privacy Policy

Express DTF Supply highly prioritizes its association with franchisees. Throughout the continuous interaction between each franchisee and Express DTF Supply, a considerable amount of data concerning each franchise is accumulated. This policy delineates the information practices and privacy protocols related to data furnished by franchisees and acquired over the course of their affiliation with Express DTF Supply.

Business & Commercial Partnership: The connection between Express DTF Supply and a franchisee constitutes a business and commercial collaboration. Information gathered from a franchisee and its primary stakeholders, including specifics regarding any financial commitments made by guarantors, is exclusively collected to establish a business partnership as per the terms outlined in the franchise agreement and associated financial documentation. Express DTF Supply does not intend or engage in extending credit for personal, familial, or household purposes at any juncture. Consequently, franchisees and individuals guaranteeing their obligations are not considered "consumers" under Federal legislation and related regulations.

Information Collection by Express DTF Supply: As an integral aspect of routine business procedures, Express DTF Supply collects, retains, and applies data concerning franchisees and individual guarantors. The franchise application, submitted during the franchising process, seeks information about the franchisee and each guarantor, encompassing a personal balance sheet detailing assets and liabilities, along with historical income details. This confidential information stored within Express DTF Supply records is neither disclosed nor utilized except for the purposes of corroborating the accuracy of submitted details and enforcing obligations undertaken by the franchisee and any guarantor in favor of Express DTF Supply or its affiliates.

Franchisee Name, Address, and Contact Details: All entities within the Express DTF Supply network are autonomously managed by franchisees. According to Federal Trade Commission regulations, franchisors are mandated to divulge the name, address, and contact details of each franchisee, which Express DTF Supply deems as publicly accessible information.

Security Information: We have implemented reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to non-public, personal information. However, there is no guarantee that these measures are entirely foolproof. We are committed to continually enhancing our security protocols in a commercially suitable manner.

Sharing of Information:  Express DTF Supply may share the name, address, and contact details of each franchisee and key contact with associated entities to propose products and services believed to be of interest. Additionally, information may be provided to vendors and other entities offering goods and services potentially beneficial to franchisees.

Inquiries from Prospective Buyers: Upon receipt of written consent or authorization from an existing franchisee, we may share operational information about a franchised business with a potential buyer. We may request that the prospective buyer provides us with financial information received from the franchisee to conduct an audit of relevant financial records.

Legal Affairs:  Express DTF Supply is compelled to respond to legal procedures like subpoenas, discovery requests, law enforcement investigations, and governmental inquiries necessitating the production or publication of records linked to a franchise. Information may also be disclosed in civil litigations involving enforcement or defense against claims from a franchisee or a third party. However, we retain the discretion to abstain from quashing, suppressing, or obtaining protective orders, without an obligation to notify franchisees regarding inquiries made by private entities or governmental agencies about their franchise records.

Franchise Recruitment Advertising and Queries: Data provided in response to franchise recruitment advertising will be used to evaluate the prospect of selling a franchise. Express DTF Supply will share this information with relevant internal personnel involved in evaluating the information and assessing the market for the proposed printing center's location. Moreover, Express DTF Supply may use cookies on the browsers of website visitors interested in a franchise and collect additional data from other sources about each visitor to the website.